After you're gone - Alyssa Michele

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Yesterday was the best day ever. I cried so hard it rained on me. I got out of my vehicle, and check all the other cars, because these were BIG drops. Every car was dry. I want to believe it was you, in fact I know it was you. Every time I cried, you did too. Especially the happy tears! Thank you for still being here for me. What happened was a miracle, and only you could make miracles happen. Even after you are gone...

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weesin 4 years, 1 month ago
There's an error in your quote...

You have typed: I got out of my vehicle, and check all the other cars...

You should have typed: I got out of my vehicle, and CHECKED all the other cars...

Please take the time to edit your quotes prior to submitting them!!!
dvorakdan 5 years, 8 months ago
Seemed unclear on the first reading, but I think you mean something something like while I was crying so hard it started raining on my car... I checked (got/checked/past tense) all the other cars (why exactly?) I got out to check because it appeared the other cars were not wet (Wait, were you driving or in a parking lot?), yet these were BIG raindrops. Sure enough all the other cars were dry.
After you phrase things like this, the rest of it makes a lot more sense. The way it is now, it sounds like the tears rain on you, not raindrops on your car, or wherever. And if the big drops are tears or rain. So then it is hard to understand why it is miraculous that other cars are dry. (and still hard to understand where you are or the other cars are in relation to you, or how many is every car.)
Some good, some unclear, with a little work it could be great.

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