A week at the airport - Alain De Botton

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The sky was a chemical orange colour, observing the final hours of the fragile curfew it had been keeping ever since it had swallowed up the last of the previous evening's Asia-bound flights. Jutting from the side of the terminal was the disembodied tail of a British Airways A312, anticipating another imminent odyssey in the merciless cold of the lower stratosphere.

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weesin 1 year, 2 months ago
ha! Thanks for the morning laugh "burnafied".....that was friggin' hilarious!
burnafied 1 year, 2 months ago
The amount of over-the-top and flat-out unnecessary description of something so mundane makes me want to vomit. This guy is trying so hard to be Michelangelo with the way he paints this picture but instead of the "Creation of Adam" it's a scene from "The Terminal" starring Tom Hanks.

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