Gone Tomorrow - S.D.L.

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Here today, gone tomorrow. That's how it happened. Not responding, that's what she said. She went to sleep, and now she's not responding. When I got the call, I thought she was exaggerating. When I got there, there were flashing lights everywhere. I waited, I was interviewed, and waited some more, made a few phone calls. Then they came out. They couldn't even look me in the eye. That was when I knew. I ran in, and there you were. Lifeless. Your eyes were still open, your body cold.

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dvorakdan 3 years, 9 months ago
This looks like another user written quote. It's better than most, a little confusing with the use of She for two different people. (And how did "they" know who the speaker was, what its relationship to the deceased was?) Still, it is overall a little too vague. Was the now corpse a really old person, in her 30's, what? Did she have health issues, drug issues? I get it's only a paragraph, but one good sentence of set up could make a big impact on this ok piece of work.

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