Stephen Grellet

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I shall pass through this world but once. Any good thing, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now, in his name, and for his sake. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

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weesin 4 days, 16 hours ago
well said @redburg
redburg 4 days, 16 hours ago
I am religious and I agree with this quote, but I also agree with weesin in that we should all follow the rules. This would be acceptable if you removed ",in his name, and for his sake" which is my edit suggestion.
weesin 4 days, 20 hours ago
Best comment I've seen in a while! I don't understand why people can't follow the rules and refrain from posting religious garbage on this site. There must be better places to proselytize than on a typing test site - or, better yet, keep your religion to yourself
user75732 4 days, 20 hours ago
thanks for shoving quaker gospel down our collective throats... makes me wanna yak

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