Life Gives

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When life gives you love, you fall into it. When life brings you happiness, you spread it all around. When life brings you a gift, you send one in return. When life gives you a child, you care for it as much as you can. When life gives you heart break, try to keep it to yourself. When life gives you marriage, you love someone forever. When life gives you death, you cope as much as possible. Life gives us a lot of things. It's up to us whether we want to respond the way we should.

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_diamonds_ 6 years, 5 months ago
Amen.. Love what you have in life.. Be grateful for everything you have..
teil0 8 years ago
"In life", "When life", "Your life". If I could filter out every quote on this site containing these phrases, I would.
sting_operation 10 years, 6 months ago
Grammar error -
"When life gives you heart break, you try and keep it to yourself."

Should be - "try to keep it to yourself."

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