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It annoys people. I am the type that hates the abuse of language. There is a right word to describe anything known to man - one only needs to discover it. When billions of people and countless languages with their countless words have existed before and will continue after us, it is silly to think otherwise. When the right words are strung together, there is no greater poetry than the realization of one's reality communicated.

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therobotclustr2 11 months, 2 weeks ago
How about this... language isn't the end, but rather the means. If I can communicate myself and you can understand me, I'd call that a successful use of language regardless of the words used or grammar rules disobeyed.
user809700 2 years ago
Here's a fun fact: the "English" you speak is not the same as mine or anyone else's. We all think speak the same language, but as a matter of fact we don't; we all have our own language and that's the beauty of it. I recommend that you read through some of the landmark papers on linguistics if you are interested
dvorakdan 2 years, 6 months ago
How can there be a "right" word to describe anything if that thing is subjective. Is the "right" word to describe this "anonymous" quote brilliance or nonsense?
(And "what" annoys people?" Your inability to establish the subject that "it" refers to?)

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