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You can be kind to cruel people. Even if they see it as a weakness. Embrace your weakness. Drown them in it. Shame them with your kindness. Shame them with your refusal to be cruel. Believe in the power of friendship, kindness, and love. Until there is true power in your friendships and kindness and love.

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therobotclustr2 4 years, 1 month ago
"Shame them with your kindness." This sounds a lot like encouraging people to have ulterior motives to being kind. Telling people to be kind because it can make them feel superior in their own quiet way is like giving someone poison disguised as a salad. Just be kind because it's what you should be. Not to make someone else look stupid for not having your same values.
anhiro 4 years, 3 months ago
Please think twice before blindingly extending a hand to a psychopath. Many a good samaritan's life has been ruined by taking in the wrong person, and I'm afraid quotes like these will just reinforce this self-destructing habit of pathological altruism.

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