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So you can't trust anyone in an unknown world? That's natural. I wouldn't trust anyone either. Trusting someone is something that happens after you become friends or become lovers. Kanna-chan, I won't ask you to be my friend. Let's live together. That's all.

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inellipsale 3 weeks, 1 day ago
how do i favorite a quote
weesin 6 months ago
You're absolutely right. You are entitled to present yourself as an ignorant, abrasive knuckle-dragging mouth breather as much as you like. My apologies
hunterz1200 6 months ago
weesin... it's not fucking necessary, but who the fuck cares? I'm allowed to say what I want, ya prick.
weesin 6 months ago
Hunterz1200...is the profanity really necessary?
hunterz1200 6 months ago
Weeb Quote? Hell fucking yeeah.
redco37 1 year, 7 months ago
The dweebs are slowly taking over

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