We all want change, but the one who asks doesn't. - The man who had his heart stolen

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I cannot live this way anymore. You say you want us to change, but the only one who is changing is me. I know I've done wrong in the past. I've manned up and taken responsibility. You on the other hand, keep hiding behind this wall of insecurity and making me seem wrong for something you won't eve try to fix. Well, I destroyed my wall. I did it because I love you. Now it's time for you to take down yours or else I'm building my new home without you. I'll always love you.

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weesin 3 years ago
I assume this is a personal "quote"? You may want to take the time to ensure that this diary entry of yours actually reads properaly...

You typed "making my seem wrong"....I think you meant to type..."making me seem wrong"

You typed "you won't eve try to fix"...I think you meant to type..."you won't even try to fix"

Maybe you should try to fix your typing so that others don't have to type the errors that you've made

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