Thou Art That; Transforming Religious Metaphor - Joseph Campbell

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Half the people in the world think that the metaphors of their religious traditions, for example, are facts. And the other half contends that they are not facts at all. As a result we have people who consider themselves believers because they accept metaphors as facts, and we have others who classify themselves as atheists because they think religious metaphors are lies.

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bvw 5 months ago
Mumma, jist calls me the Rambler.
mumma 5 months ago
Wow bvw, you really like to ramble don't you? Clearly you're one of those religious people who just cannot handle anyone saying anything negative about their religion. Keep on rambling buddy. Perhaps people would respect religious people more if you could speak rationally and intelligently about your belief system rather than getting all emotional about it. Your comment is worth neither an ear nor an eye
bvw 5 months ago
How ambivalent and cocksure this quote of Mr. Campbell is. Both at once! Ambivalent about religion and belief: offering not any insight but most ambivalent in seeming to do so. Cocksure, that he, Mr. Campbell has some insight to be offered ... maybe in some following paragraph , aye, for this be but an extract. But why should one read further. The rule is liars, once known as liars aren't worth an ear or an eye. And Ambivalence is a clue to a lie.

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