I Hope You're Well. - The Typing Professor

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Hi everyone, it's me, the Typing Professor. I hope you're all well on this beautiful day. I love how creative people are on this site. Though sadly, I saw an extremely rude quote by solo_ulted_xd. It made me extremely sad to think about how people can be so rude on this wonderful site. Anyway, I would like to ask everyone about their opinions on this matter. Lots of love (to all but solo_ulted_xd) - The Typing Professor.

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weesin 1 year ago
I hear you! I cannot stand cRAP music and the hatred that runs rampant through it. And yes, I like what you did there - I'm going to use 'cRAP' as well
jacksonm 1 year ago
yeah i actually just found it after i posted that question

i agree with you guys

cRAP music is my least favorite genre (see what I did there?? lol)
weesin 1 year ago
It was called "pewdiepie - bitch lasagna". It's on the first page of quotes. It's quite offensive. It was some rap crap lyrics full of violence and misogyny
jacksonm 1 year ago
... what was the quote??

or at least, what was it about?
weesin 1 year ago
I completely agree with you. The quote submitted by solo_ulter_xd was extremely rude and offensive. Users that post such garbage should be removed from the site

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