Funtime Freddy - Scott Cawthon and Kellen Goff

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Well, hello aga-ain! Hahaha! Are you ready-dy-dy for round two? Hey, Bon-Bon! I think-ink that's the birthday boy over there-ere! We should go give him a SURPRISE!

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weesin 3 weeks, 2 days ago
Wow. I can't keep up with your mood swings. Your grammar should be the least of your concern. Your inability to conduct yourself like a decent human being is far more concerning
callum.dekkers 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Sorry, weesin. I just notice that the spelling of some of my words in the first part of my apology were wrong. I apologise. You deserve better.
callum.dekkers 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Regrets, Callum Dekkers

(P.S: I made sure this one had good grammar. You deserve it.)
callum.dekkers 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Dear, weesin

I would like to formally apologise for my last comment. It crossed a line. It went WAY past the line. I learnt your mother had died via accidently coming across the information on of the forms. I'm sure your mother is a very nice woman and hopefully so are you. I'm so sorry for that last comment and it won't happen again. I know that you accepting this apology probably won't happen (altough I would appriciate it). I don't even need a comment back, I'll just stop commenting mean things to you. Looking back at our history, I realise I set this all in motion bg overreacting. I'll try to sct my age from now on, and I hope you keep commenting on my quoyes, I really like some of your advice. I'll try to stick to the advice you gave to me earlier. I hope we can move past this silly thing I made. I'll let my friends know to stand down, you don't deserve to be treated like this.
callum.dekkers 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Shut the fuc up. I have done nothing on this site except defend my self from ur meen harsh comments. I now realise that ur an ashole and r not desrving of my tim or life. The second I can I will delete this profile so I don't hav 2 put up with ur shit. U fucing cunt. U don't no shit about us, we're barely fucing holding together. Now, plz, PLZ stop posting ur negative shitpile on my quotes, so I don't hav 2 pretend not 2 read it. Also, how about u read my fucing comments before u mock it. I said "aknowledge and RESPECT the apology." not ACCEPT. I don't need ur forgiveness, I would like it if u could actually get that shit out of ur brains and read my FUCING WORDS!!! Don't post on this quote again plz. It's already a fucing hotspot.

P.S: How's ur mother doing?
weesin 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Why don't you actually learn what an apology is. An apology, if sincere, means that the person realizes their actions were wrong and dedicates themself to changing that behavior. You don't have the right to demand or expect that your apology be accepted. You're basically trying to brow beat me into accepting your apology- you're saying that if i accept your apology you'll stop being as ass towards me. This is not how apologies work. 'We'll back off if u at least acknowledge and accept the apology'? Really? That just proves how insincere your apology is. Your age is really showing in your communications.
callum.dekkers 3 weeks, 4 days ago
BTW, I really appreciate that you posted another comment to fix your autofill. Thanks.
callum.dekkers 3 weeks, 4 days ago
Maybe we'll back off if u at least acknowledge the apology and respect it. Not if u just pretend it's the worst insult you hav ceen. We promise we'll stop being rude and offensive if u acknowledge the apology. U don't hav 2 accept it BTW, just know that's it there and genuine. And if we can get past this, I really hope you keep providing advice on our quotes, most of the time it's actually helpful.
weesin 3 weeks, 4 days ago
oops. I just realized that my autofill made my response very confusing. It should read as "I don't need or want an apology"
weesin 3 weeks, 5 days ago
Because I don't need nor want analogy. And because past experience on this site has, perhaps, left me a bit jaded. People apologize for being rude and then repeat the offense the very next day. I know if someone is truly sorry if they don't re-offend
leilani.woodard 3 weeks, 5 days ago
but why wouldn't you accept the apology. potatoz was trying to be nice
weesin 3 weeks, 6 days ago
An apology for rude behavior is not sincere if you blow up when it's not accepted and then continue to be rude again.
callum.dekkers 3 weeks, 6 days ago
site. Someone says something negative about one of your quotes and you think it's appropriate to start attacking that person personally and calling names. Grow up.". WTF!!! We were formally offering an apology 4 maybe our cruddy behaviour, and u shot it down like we weren't worth ur time. WAT D HEL?! If we really wern't worth ur tim. U wouldn't spend all ur tim on dis site trying to defend urself like u don't have anything els 2 do. If ur not going to admit it, at least partially acknowledge dat u did something rong. I now no u deserve every bit of hate dat comes toward u on dis site! We thought maybe we owed u an apology, but we obviously didn't, u didn't deserve 1 anyway. Now will u plz shut up and stop commenting on my quotes.

P.S: I'll leave d bad grammar and speling in just 4 u. U don't deserve any better.
callum.dekkers 3 weeks, 6 days ago
U say dat u are helping us by providing criticism over our quotes, yet the way u do it is immediately negative. I don't mind peopl providing constructive critizizm or pointing out politly a few mistakes. Not imiddiatley shooting down quotes. In fact the first time I met u, u actually provided me with some helpful advice, and I apologise 4 making a mistake, wat I don't apologise 4 is us insulting u. U deserve it. "This quote is terribly boring and cheesy. And what's with the special characters?". The quote dat u posted dis comment on was a very good departure from d regular quotes dat d community posts. It was very postitive and uplifing. Y did u hav 2 attac it? As well as dat, potatoz actually came out and made a quote to apologise, we were treating u a littl harshly at d time I guess, but den dis comment showed up on the page. "Apology not accepted. You people act like animals on this
weesin 4 weeks ago
Sorry, but one more thing - do you realize how ridiculous you sound? You're a child and you're saying to a grown-up, 'I don't hate u, but u really need 2 stay out of my way. Next time I will report u'. Report me for what? I didn't attack you personally in my comment. I barely said anything negative about your quote - I just suggested that people create quotes with actual words in them. You sound like a hysterical child who is pouting and throwing a tantrum because someone had an issue with something he/she did. Also, I would suggest that you speak proper English and spell properly in your comments - when you come across as being functionally illiterate, it's difficult for people to take anything you have to say seriously.
weesin 4 weeks, 1 day ago
I didn't say anything rude about you as a person...yet here you are calling me a dick...or at least I think so -you can't spell but I'll assume that's what you meant. Grow up. Act your age. It's the little thug kids on this site that do all the swearing and name calling making this site unsuitable for children
callum.dekkers 4 weeks, 1 day ago
Listen up weesin u littl dic! I only posted this quote on Keyhero so that FNAF fans like me could enjoy some of the quotes on this website because, unlike u, we don't use this website by choice. We're forced 2 do it. I thought if people typed about stuf dey liked, they'll enjoy typing mor and put mor efort into their practice, and the better they get. The reason Funtime Freddy is stuttering in dis quote is because it's a part of his character. Now, unlike u, my friends and I don't spend our entire lives on our website because we have a life and better things 2 do, so we can't argue with u every time u post a comment, so plz just leav us alone.

I don't hate u, but u really need 2 stay out of my way. Next time I will report u because we can't hav toxic peopl in a kid friendly enviroment.
weesin 4 weeks, 1 day ago
This would be a terribly annoying quote to type. As a general rule, I think it's best to not post made up words. For example, 'there-ere' is not an actual word that you come across in your daily life, so do we really need practice typing it? And that's why we're all here, right? To better our typing skills to help us in our careers or schooling.We don't need to practice typing nonsense words

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