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A long time ago in an ancient civilization predating humans, the earth was ruled by triangles and the evil squares were recently enslaved. There was a friendly triangle named Steven; Steven Triangulum. Steven was a curious young triangle; child of Peter and Susan Triangulum. They lived in a modest 3 bedroom Tryangulan Colonial house in the small town of Pythagia. Steven spent his days pestering his parents with questions, and his nights gazing into the stars.

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mattman2255 5 months, 4 weeks ago
Thought I'd put some context out there for this quote and the full set triangulum quotes. This was a story I wrote senior year in high-school. I was in this astronomy class but I didn't care about anything lol. So teacher assigns a paper asking us to pick a constellation and make a backstory for it (supposed to be like an ancient story type thing). I decided to take a different take on it with the dumbest constellation I could find. A triangle. Anyway I had trouble getting the very end to be accepted by keyhero and I gave up. His wish though, was to go to space so they strap him on a rocket and send him up when he dies.

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