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Anybody else notice that this website is kind of weird? Just in terms of the quotes that get submitted and the comments; it's funny how even a website about typing becomes some sort of flame-war utopia. Anyway I am starting enjoy taking a few moments in a day to come up with a quote for this site. No matter how it performs in the ratings, it's nice to get a chance to write creatively. Don't get me wrong I am no author, but even though I may not be particularly talented I do enjoy writing!

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zizuke 1 week, 2 days ago
Obviously, I won't flame someone who doesn't deserve it - I'll try to at least.
zizuke 1 week, 2 days ago
I love this website for the sole reason that it becomes a flame-war. I can practice my typing skills as well as my clever comebacks. It's super fun. I'm laughing half the time I'm on here.
mumma 2 weeks ago
Good point. No it's not my responsibility to preserve another person's learning opportunities. That being said, I appreciate when someone tells me I made a mistake so I feel as though I the same for others, whether it's appreciated or not

I once had a ridiculously critical prof who persistently gave harsh criticism. I repectfully called him out on it only to have him tell me that there was no shame in being ignorant, only in staying ignorant. He suggested that I go lick my wounds and return the next day prepared to thank him for for trying to help me be just a little less ignorant. That stuck with me
catrice 2 weeks ago
People don't have to take the time to edit others' mistakes, but it takes less time than leaving a comment. It's not your responsibility to preserve another person's learning opportunities.
mumma 2 weeks ago
People should edit their own mistakes....not sure why you think people have have to take the time to edit mistakes for someone else. Doing so robs the person of the chance to learn from their mistake
catrice 2 weeks ago
Anyone can edit submitted quotes for grammar.
mumma 2 weeks ago
As long as this site has a mechanism for leaving comments, I will continue to leave positive comments for quotes that, in my opinion, deserve them. I will also continue to leave negative feedback/corrections where warranted
redburg 2 weeks ago
You should have seen that one coming @mumma it would have been kind of obvious if you weren't blinded
winchester2 2 weeks ago
mattman2255 is the (matt)MAN! This is too great, caught mumma in the act
mumma 2 weeks ago
Pathetic. You admit to being petty enough to purposefully 'bait' someone? That's all I need to know about you
mattman2255 2 weeks ago
I can handle criticism @Mumma that's not the situation here friend. I wasn't going to go straight out and say this, but I think I probably should. This particular quote was bait, specifically I was baiting you. You are the one who needs to grow up. I've noticed your activity on this site. How could I not, you seem to be the most active commenter site-wide. You're not that great homie, you're just a human. It's fine to comment with constructive criticism (and granted this example was fairly constructive, blunt but that's okay), but most of the time on here you come across as an intolerable self-righteous lunatic. Alls I'm saying is that you aren't King of the Keyboard. You're just kinda sad. That's all, I'm dropping it here friend, have a nice life.
mumma 2 weeks, 1 day ago
Grow up @mannman2255. If you can't handle someone pointing out that your quote contains errors, then perhaps your ego is too fragile to post original works on a public forum. Users on this site often point out spelling and punctuation errors - this is necessary when people posting quotes don't take the time to edit prior to submitting. I did not attack you personally, yet you feel the need to attack me on a personal level. All I did was alert you to your errors so you could fix them before they trip up other typists. Give your balls a tug
mattman2255 2 weeks, 1 day ago
What's that? That's strange, something's blocking the sun. What the hell is that. Looks kind of like a massively over-inflated ego. What? On the internet with no real consequence? No way! It has to be something else.
mumma 2 weeks, 2 days ago
I agree. 'Weird' is a weird word. Every time I type or write it, I feel as though I've spelled it incorrectly - it just doesn't look right. I think the whole 'rule' of "i before e except after c" totally throws me off
mumma 2 weeks, 2 days ago
I would suggest editing your quotes prior to submitting them. There are punctuation errors and incomplete sentences.

'Anyway I am starting enjoy" doesn't make sense (you appear to be missing the word 'to', and you should have inserted a comma after 'anyway')
mattman2255 2 weeks, 2 days ago
Also, weird is a weird word right?

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