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The sooner you learn that it doesn't matter if nobody likes you, the sooner you can stop caring. You weren't created into this world to entertain anyone. You are you and that is enough. If people can't appreciate that then you are better off alone. Fake people have an image to maintain but real people, people like you, shouldn't care.

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user979089 2 years ago
I'm just saying, if NO-ONE likes you, like even a little bit, you might want to reevaluate how you treat people. If no-one likes you, your personality might be the common denominator. There's this "edgy" mentality of "just telling it like it is" to "fake people" that I find often leads to passive-aggressive attitudes. No, we are not born to entertain. But we are born to connect, and if you cannot find connections with ANYONE, you might just be a Scrooge.

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