Criticism - Curtis Baldwin

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People often criticize others. This always confused me, as I didn't understand how anyone could think themselves righteous enough to criticize others. It then occurred to me that I was thinking too logically. No one criticizes others. They simply criticize other people that they can liken to the parts of themselves that they don't like.

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bcurty32 1 day, 21 hours ago
@fartchili now you understand. I am just better than everyone
fartchili 2 months ago
Whenever I come across this vote I always half expect the "It then occurred to me..." to be followed by "that when I think that others are self-righteous for criticizing others, I am also being self-righteous. And critical."
*Criticizes other people about criticizing other people*
*Then says 'I'm just more logical than everyone else'*
boredtyper 5 months, 3 weeks ago
should be "too logically" NOT "to logically"

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