What A Blind Person Thinks About Racism - Tommy Edison

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You know what's funny? MnM's are different colors, but they all taste the same. It's true; only the outside parts are different. The insides are all the same. Humanity - just like a bag of MnM's.

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quarter 1 year ago

I now understand why this quote probably got a low rating. Thanks, ChatGPT.


(The following text directly came from ChatGPT.)

The low rating and negative reactions to this quote could stem from several reasons:

1. Oversimplification: Some people might feel that the quote oversimplifies the complexities and historical context of racism. Racism is a deep-rooted issue that encompasses systemic discrimination, prejudice, and power dynamics, and reducing it to a comparison with candy colors may be seen as trivializing or minimizing the problem.

2. Lack of nuance: Racism involves more than just physical appearances, and it affects individuals on multiple levels, including social, economic, and cultural aspects. By focusing solely on the visual differences between M&M's and equating them to race, the quote overlooks the broader implications of racism.
quarter 1 year ago

3. Ignoring lived experiences: Racism has profound impacts on the lives of individuals and communities. By suggesting that the insides of M&M's are the same, the quote fails to acknowledge the unique experiences, cultures, and identities that different racial and ethnic groups bring to society.

4. Colorblindness: The quote promotes a "colorblind" perspective, which suggests that race should be ignored or disregarded altogether. However, many people argue that colorblindness can perpetuate systemic inequalities by failing to recognize and address the ongoing impacts of racism.
quarter 1 year, 5 months ago
Why do people hate this quote? Please be kind. I'm genuinely curious.

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