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Typing can be addictive because computers give instant feedback. The moment you press a key, you get the result. You feel rewarded by correct answers (keys). You feel unsatisfied with mistakes. You correct the mistakes to improve your typing muscle memory and to see progress on your statistics. And also live that progress as a reality when you actually see your speed and accuracy improve. We seek happiness and reward, typing websites give us that instantly.

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user90588 7 months, 3 weeks ago
Most of what your describing takes several months to achieve. I wouldn't want do something like type and chill on an after noon because there's a pretty decent chance I won't improve next session, or my speed might be even lower than the last session. Ie I'd be frustrated.

I think I might understand what you are talking about but if I were to be typing for hours on end It more out of fear.
"I'm scared of doing x thing, so I'll just keep doing y since is it's not UN-productive"
pathirl 1 year, 10 months ago
I like it

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