Don't Be Sad - Unknown

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Don't be sad. There's too many beautiful things in life to be sad. Don't be sad. Focus on the positivity of your life, there's always something there. Don't be sad. Someone out there loves you, don't feel alone. Don't be sad. I love you.

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gnawingmytongue 1 year, 6 months ago
oh no my mom died but don't worry I'm not sad there's other things to enjoy in life.
winpiece 1 year, 6 months ago
As a psychotherapist, "don't be sad" is invalidating a person's emotion and can be very toxic, if used flippantly. There are plenty of reasons to be sad. Someone wouldn't feel sadness if there's no reason for it. Don't ever tell a person not to feel something. Rather, rephrasing it as "you can choose and nourish happiness," can be more therapeutic than simply saying "don't be sad."

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