Why Evolution is True - Jerry A. Coyne

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Among the wonders that science has uncovered about the universe in which we dwell, no subject has caused more fascination and fury than evolution. That is probably because no majestic galaxy or fleeting neutrino has implications that are as personal. Learning about evolution can transform us in a deep way. It unites us with every living thing on the Earth today and with myriads of creatures long dead. Evolution replaces the myths that satisfied us for thousands of years.

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vmlm 10 years, 1 month ago
Ohh I don't know... the inquisition was pretty bad, I hear. So you know.. the discovery that the earth is round, that it revolves around the sun, and is not at the center of the universe is a biggie, if you ask me. Probably generated a lot more angst than evolution did. And boy, the discussion on climate change sure is heating up (heh, get it?) and in the meantime a lot of people are fighting over water, oil, minerals, and other such things... so that's a biggie too... But evolution is totally in the top 5 I think.

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