O Povo - Anônimo

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O povo não tem a mínima cultura. Muitos nem sabem ler ou escrever. O povo não viaja, não se interessa por boa música ou literatura, não vai a museus. O povo não gosta de trabalho criativo, prefere empregos ignóbeis e aviltantes. Isto quando trabalha, pois há os que preferem o ócio contemplativo, embaixo de pontes. Se não fosse o povo nossa economia funcionaria como uma máquina. Todo mundo seria mais feliz sem o povo. O povo é deprimente. O povo deveria ser eliminado.

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mikaeshin 6 months, 2 weeks ago
This quote is apocryphal, that is, there is no evidence this quote was actually written by Luís Fernando Verissimo.

There are a ton of short texts that are either wrongly associated or falsely attributed to Verissimo altogether, and this is one of them. There is not a single evidence of authorship of this chronicle being written by Verissimo himself, I even bought his antology, "Verissimo antológico", that united over 50 years of work and literature in a single book on Amazon - link of the e-book is here: shorturl.at/bdhEK- and not a single line of text of this chronicle or text is written there.

Whoever wrote this text, it is surely not Verissimo who wrote it
something 9 years, 2 months ago
Well, this quote certainly caught me off guard. Brazilian portuguese rather than the european one. Perhaps distinguishing both would be a good idea so that the writers of the different standards aren't surprised as well.
Also, this quote seems to have a mistake in the last phrase: there are two spaces between "deveria" and "ser"; and although I do not know if this is present in the original text or not it should probably be corrected.

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