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In ten years, the guy who stole your lunch money will still be the one who takes it. But he will get fired if he doesn't ask you if you would like some fries with it.

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bvw 1 month ago
Not the way humans and God work, sorry. You, being stolen from by a bully , must act towards justice so his theft will stop. Otherwise he is more likely to grow into the beast of a boss you are stuvk working for, or your spouse is working for, or your kids. You may not be able to go against him in his violent strengths but you can act on a more general basis to achieve a better system of justice in your places and communities. You can not just continually let bullies slide and imagine that some magical justice fairies willl make that creep's life some sort of low class hell. G-d loves justice but we are here to make it so, when it is very much not naturally so in the natural human condition and drives.
ivana. 1 year, 3 months ago
Pretty funny and good quote but working at a fast food place is not the worst job in the world, but just one of them.

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