Maximum Ride - The Final Warning - James Patterson

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Flying in the high winds can be the most exhilarating thing in the world. You just put your wings fully out and coast, doing micro-adjustments as needed to stay aloft. It's a lot like surfing at the beach, riding the waves, except, you know, without the water. Or the beach. Or the surfboard.

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bvw 1 year, 11 months ago
From a fantasy novel, but also like the experience of a parachutist, a hand-glider, or a perosn glide pathing down using one of thos efancy aerodynamic wined-suits. Because it is a fantasy there is a key piece of emotion missing! Which emotion? Fear! No slack thing is it to be ignored. Make the most radical move on a surfboard in a fit of bold or reckless endeavor and one does not forfeit with brutal certainty one's life, but in the air: a not so reckless moment of inattention or carelessness will mean a death brutal and certain. This is not a fear which is a senseless fear, this is a senseful fear!

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