a. English as a Second Language for Adults

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Every day, millions of adults gather in the classroom, church basements, union halls and etc in order to learn a second language. Moreover, the characteristics of the learners and the purposes they have set for their learning and understanding of how language should be taught the way it can work. If you are dealing with adult students, several English as a second language pupil understand what they need to discover. Language job requires four language skills of reading, writing, talking and language. Following are some things which you need to do a lot in your English school.
• Develop vocabulary
Practice, practice and practice your vocabulary until you become proficient in it. Practice vocabulary by making use of flashcards, labeling, pictures, dictionaries, and vocabulary journal and bingo activities. Other types of word games or word search can be given as homework exercises.
• Course surveys
Class surveys include students taking feedback and questioning other fellow students.
• Phonics workouts
Identifying rhymes phrases are important in literacy-level understanding. Merge it together with vocabulary instruction. You may have seen online homework help where they use correct vocabulary infused with rhymes which create the great sound of English writing skills.