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how can i improve my accuracy with only 90% now :(((((((
By chaoticwolf - posted: 1 year, 6 months ago

Instead of trying to type faster and not make mistakes, type a little bit slower and try getting everything typed out well
It'll usually bring the accuracy by 100%
By mrignacio - posted: 1 year, 6 months ago

I've mostly followed this advice to achieve 95wpm from 78wpm in roughly one month (10 minutes average) https://www.youtu...

I've summarized key points of the video above and I've marked those exercises that helped my accuracy

0. Focus (on accuracy)
*1. Slow down in difficult words
2. Focus on the next word you're typing
*3. Copy text blindly from a book or kindle
4. 10 minute typing test - think of this as a marathon test
5. 1 minute typing test - think "type as fast as you can for not less than 95% accuracy"

For number 3, I've recently replaced it with just quotes and start over when I make 2 mistakes (instead of using KeyHero's Instant Death)
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Thanks for the tips quizliu