By canyoujustnot - updated: 10 months ago - 3 messages

Does anybody have any tips for dealing with anxiety? Mine has been pretty bad lately and I don't really know what to do about it.
By turnerboyz1991 - posted: 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Tbh i can relate to this and with me i use music as well as gaming and joking to help me cope with it as well as my stress levels.. Everyone is different and some need more or less but drawing or writing stories or even painting helps.. Gaming or listening to music does as well. Listen or play something you haven't tried before.. It seems weird or hard at first but you can learn so much and get through it so much easier by focusing on other things in life.
By mrscollins0420 - posted: 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Look up coping ways there is a thing that has you do something 1-5 and it helps I do it all the time
By n980 - posted: 10 months ago

For me, breathing exercises and mediation have been helpful. Managing anxiety is a long process, so be patient and try different methods. Some methods work at certain times and not at other times. There's likely a root cause to the bad anxiety you're having so explore and progress in that direction