Constant typing errors

By bistromeat - updated: 1 month ago - 2 messages

Usually I do not mind my constant typing errors but lately there have been more than normal because I'm able to type faster now. The main reason is because I do not have a form. Does anyone have tips or online guides that they could recommend????
By thegoldengod128 - posted: 1 month ago

Practice man. Maybe just type a touch slower to minimize errors then speed up.
By inellipsale - posted: 1 month ago

i still make a lot of spelling mistakes even though I have more than 100wpm every session, but if they're constant (less than 95 accuracy) then you should go slower. If you go slower you'll probably get a faster typing speed just because you'll have to go back less. You don't have to go a lot slower just slow enough that you don't make as many mistakes.