Empires come and go but Russia, almost as large of Pluto surface-wise, will remain 4ever!

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*as large as Pluto (oops!)
... and that's the way it is!

- Mongol Empire
- French Empire
- Mexican Empire
- Empire of Japan
- Spanish Empire
- British Empire
- Soviet Empire
- American Empire
- etc etc
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The Russian Empire existed for less than 200 years. The Empire of Japan traces its lineage for the past like 2000 years.
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I agree with this guy. Can we be friends?
By coolby - posted: 1 week, 2 days ago

Of course we can
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Baptism of Kievan Rus' took place in the tenth century.

"The Empire of Japan (Japanese: 大日本帝国, Hepburn: Dai Nippon Teikoku) is a historical nation-state along with its colonies, protectorates, mandates, and other territories that existed from the Meiji Restoration in 1868 until the enactment of the 1947 constitution and subsequent formation of modern Japan."

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I guess I was more referring to their imperial house, which has held some form of significant power since at least 660
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The state was a "loose association" of places, and fell to the mongols in the 1240s. I don't consider that a continuous empire...
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Don't forget that Alaska, the largest US state, once used to be a part of the Russian Empire. I consider that a great loss. Alaskans, we'll welcome you with our open arms.
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So you concede that your Assertion about the Russian Empire was incorrect, so you chose to focus on an unrelated detail?
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Isn't it noon in your neck of the woods? Why don't you work?

Don't you get it? Russia transcends the notion of "Empire". Russia is Russia. Russia is more like Phoenix Bird. If winning this debate is so important to you, then I'll be wise/gracious enough to let this "durak" coolby win. Does everyone agree with me? I'm sure it will make his quarantine all worth while.

BTW, admin has removed our other thread. Freedom of speech is just an illusion... even on KH. I'm done.
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Don't worry about my work! I have it all taken care of.

That's funny the other threads were deleted. I don't really expect typing improvement forums to be a bastion of free speech so root can do whatever he or she pleases.
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That "Russia transcends empire" was not your original point. There are plenty of societies as old as Russia. And Russia isn't even as permanent as them. The Mongols obliterated Russia in the 1200s dude.
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"... so root can do whatever he or she pleases."
No offense, but wow, you sound like a human sheep, dude. Do you always let others push you around? I can only hope you don't let your government do "whatever it pleases", esp. regarding your second amendment rights.
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Do you even know your facts?
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Ofc I do, @coolby's lover-boy. Do you know yours?
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Websites are not public property. If the guy owns or is employed by the website they can do whatever they want.
Of course I don't let people shove me around. But the forums on a typing website that is privately owned are not where free speech dies.
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Seinfeld why do you ignore most of my questions? Do you have trouble coming up with responses?
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Hmmm... idk, maybe because they're worth being ignored? Any more dumb questions?
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"Websites are not public property. If the guy owns or is employed by the website they can do whatever they want."

Yeah, right... tell that to US Congressmen who interrogate (= grill) Google/Facebook/Twitter (etc) CEO's on a regular basis. US government got them by their balls. Keep living in your fantasy land.
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How do you like that Strait of Stalin* idea? If US government keeps pushing its flavor of "democracy" round the world, it may incur God's wrath one day. What goes around, comes around.

"In God We Trust" much? When will US government remove this sentimental religious nonsense from its banknotes, coolby? That doesn't sound like secularism to me.

* https://m.demotiv...
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"The Mongols obliterated Russia in the 1200s dude."
Are you actually gloating, pindos*? We sent them back where they came from in 1380 (Battle of Kulikovo). He who laughs last, laughs best! Live by the sword, die by the sword. In 1380, US wasn't even a British colony. It wasn't even on the map XD XD

Furthermore, it's not like US hasn't been invaded once or twice in their history. Need I remind you about 9/11 and Pearl Harbor?

US started off its history with the barbaric conquest of the lands which once belonged to the Natives. Natives were duped and slaughtered in thousands by the Old World settlers (= "human vermin"). You should be ashamed of your ancestors but I'm sure you'll come up with some sort of justification. You always do.

* "Pindos" or "Pendos" (rus: Пиндос) in the Russian language is a derogatory ethnic slur, used to refer to Americans. Originally, the term was used to refer to US military servicemen, but it gradually became a universal disparaging term to refer to all Americans. Other slur terms to refer to the United States such as Pindosiya and Pindostan (rus: Пиндосия, Пиндостан) have also been derived. Some sources claim that the term was first used by Russian military servicemen during Kosovo War, where they allegedly heard this term. According to Russian soldiers, it was perfect fit for "armed to the teeth and coward American soldier".
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Are you saying that the US govt has them by the balls to open up their free speech or reduce their free speech? Because the websites you list have all come under fire from both people who think they should be less and people who think they should be more regulatory.
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Are you equilibrating Russian nuclear weapon use to "God's wrath"? Didn't you just criticize the use of nuclear weapons as used by the US? Two wrongs don't make a right.
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Fewer than 10,000 people died cumulatively in those attacks yet the magnitude of their significance in US history is so great. It speaks to the relative security from international attacks that the country faces. How many Russians have died fighting on Russian soil?

What? Name one instance in which I have agreed with a straw man about sympathizing with US related atrocities? One. I have agreed with you every step of the way that the US has done terrible things. American Colonialism was terrible, I don't have justification for that. One can explain the racist/genocidal justification of the time in order to learn about it, but that doesn't make it good or right.

The difference between you and I is that I will accept fault, I will accept that my country is not perfect. I don't recall an instance when you have accepted or acknowledged that Russia or anything we have talked about has been at fault or wrong. THAT is the sign of a blinded nationalist. A narcissist. A guy who digs his head in the sand and doesn't respond to questions he doesn't have actual answers to. Feeling the need to attack my beliefs and my country and my values constantly reflects a lack of interest in considering or reflecting on your own. I say "Russia does x" and you don't respond with much about Russia but instead "yes well the US does this".

It truly seems like you equate admitting wrongdoing or mistakes with weakness. Is that true? There is very little room for growth or humility with that mentality, in my opinion.

Hahahahaha thank you for making sure I am aware you are using a derogatory ethnic slur towards me. Good to verify that you are trying to be offensive.
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