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so what's your favorite fire emblem game? what's your favorite fire emblem character?
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So far I've only played Awakening, which I thought was a great game. I installed all of the super nintendo and game boy advanced versions on my 3DS but I have yet to try them. Do you have any suggestions of which to try first among those?
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fam i got chu. i have all the games except the game cube ones :( the one with the best cast of characters is sacred stones (fe8) which is on the gba

i personally like the archanea series but people say that the sprites are ugly (i'd disagree) and the characters aren't well fleshed out as the others (which is true) so those games are fe1, fe3, fe11, and fe12 (also known as shadow dragon and mystery of the emblem). fe1 and fe3 are on the NES and fe11 and fe12 are remakes of those two games, starring on the ds.

a lot of fans rlly want a fe4 remake (geneology of the holy war) because of it's very... intriguing story telling. this game does include a lot of darker themes and incest so if you're fine with that, fe4 is also a really good game that's on the SNES

echoes (fe15) is a quite a modern one but it's a remake of gaiden (fe2) and i think that's a well recommended game! especially since you've played awakening B) you'll be more used to the modern graphics. it's also on the 3DS so

i hope this helps. i would recommend all the games but you asked for suggestions so i gave you some! lol thanks for replying
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oh heck yea B))