How do I use the type

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So basssicallllly therrrre issss thiiiiiiiisss weeeeeirrrrd issssuee I haveeee wwwwhere rrrandoooom keeeyyys gettttt repeeetedddd andddd itsssss messssssssinggg me uppppp. Doeesssss annnyooonneee knnowww howww to fiiiix????
By nick1234 - posted: 4 months ago

Yes, it's called don't type multiple letters within one word.
Example- You said "howww" and "fiiiix", it's called how and fix. There, fixed it for you.
By inellipsale - posted: 4 months ago

just type as fast as you can if you type fast it'll be harder to add all those extra letters, and i noticed how when you said I you didn't repeat it so, it was probably because you typed that part fast! just type everything fast!!
By roxiun - posted: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Clean your keyboard
By blackcap - posted: 2 months, 3 weeks ago

And in case you aren't trolling:

This is an intentional feature. If you hold a key down it will eventually start to repeat, so, instead of repeatedly pressing, say, the arrow keys to scroll up and down on a web page, you can just hold them down instead.

Regardless of which operating system you are on, there are two configurable settings that govern this behavior, that are collectively called the "key repeat". The two settings are:
Delay - How long you must hold a key down for before it starts to repeat
Rate - How many times per second to repeat

Presumably you have at least the "rate" set insanely low.

On both windows and mac the default values are 500 10 (wait 500 milliseconds, then repeat 10 times per second), which is hardly useful at all. Myself I prefer 120 80 and 150 80 for membrane and mechanical keyboards, respectively.

Becoming comfortable with a low key-repeat is essential to becoming an efficient keyboard-only computer user.