I am new here. Help me understand these terms?

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What is the meaning of "Recent speed- average of the last games", "Old speed- average of the first games", "All time speed", "Recent accuracy- average of the last games" and "Old accuracy- average of the first games"?
By coolby - posted: 3 weeks, 2 days ago

I can take this one.

Great question, mr.blackadder- if that's even your real name. We value transparency and honesty here. I hope you take note of this.

Anyway, "Recent speed-average of the last games" refers to your typing speed in your most recent session during which you were under the influence of speed; ice; addy; chalk; crank; crystal; LA glass- it's all the same thing. The moderator just chose "speed". He is able to determine this based on the near-ubiquitous tremor that is present in people that are under the effects of a stimulant. So based on your typing behavior, he codes it as "on speed" or "not on speed" and only those typing tests taken while on speed will count towards the "Recent speed-average of the last games" category.

The "Old speed-average of the first games" is a little bit different, and it's not intuitive. This is specifically for those users that somehow procure older, less potent amphetamines that were popular in the 1960s-1990s. There was a distinct increase in the 2000s and onward in potency and efficacy of available street and prescription drugs. The moderate of this site felt that it wouldn't be fair to compare the two so he created a separate category. You're obviously wondering about detection and again- it's a clever bit of code. Tremor rates are different (increased for new speed, and not as high for old speed) and detectable via typing patterns.

"All time speed" is simply a measure of the number of typing sessions that you've had while high on a stimulant. Think of it as a badge of honor, if you're into that sort of thing. I know I am. There's a user on this site, Seinfeld, who likes to mix his speed with dissociative substances like Peyote. I'm trying to get the moderator to create a separate category for people like that, as they have a problem and need to be rehabilitated. They also tend to be pathologically pro-Russian oligarchy. Go figure.

Next up is "Recent accuracy-average of the last games". I'm surprised you asked about this one. It reflects the accuracy average of your most recent games. The number of games taken into account is randomized from the most recent 10 to 50 games, with a one-time random number generator used every 3 months to determine how many games are taken into account for a given user. If the number of games is odd in one three month interval it CANNOT be odd in the following 3 month interval and the random number generator re-rolls in the case this happens, until an even number of games is randomly selected. Through investigation of the motherboard and source code, I have ascertained that this does not apply to even numbers i.e., you can have two three-month intervals during which a non-equal even number of games are taken into account when calculating recent accuracy of the most recent games.

"Old accuracy-average of the first games" Is the same thing but for your first 40 games. It is set at 40.

I hope that was helpful. Welcome to the site. We're a great community of like-minded typing elitists (at least everyone over 100 wpm) that acknowledges human rights maybe shouldn't extend to those that haven't quite hit that minimum competency level. I hope to see you around.
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Obviously, @lameby is not familiar with the epic British "Blackadder" series (1983-89) *smh*

Rowan Atkinson is hilarious!
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Seinfeld is my best friend! <3