I am not getting any higher than 20wpm

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I have been practising for ages, but i am not getting any better.Instead, I am getting worse please help.
By agreenleaf - posted: 6 months, 1 week ago

I'd suggest memorizing where all the keys are first. You may know where they are now but put a thick piece of paper (that you can't see through) over your fingers while you practice will give you muscle memory on where the keys are. I promise, it gets better!
By awesome7 - posted: 6 months, 1 week ago

That is an excellent piece of advice; putting a thick piece of paper (or towel or tray) over your keyboard. You said you have practicing for "ages." How long, exactly? It helps to know what kind of timeline you are working with.
By weesin - posted: 6 months, 1 week ago

I actually learned how to type (WAY back in the day) by putting a cloth constructed of heavy material over my hands as I typed so that I could not cheat and look down at the keys. I learned how to type VERY quickly using this method and would suggest it to others
By betty_d - posted: 6 months ago

There is a site called typingclub.com
On the screen it shows you a virtual keyboard and virtual hand placement. So you never need to look down. Also, keep your elbows above your wrists, and keep B in line with your belly button. In the past month I've gone from 35 wpm to 55 wpm. Hope that helps!
By user74386 - posted: 6 months ago

Do not get frustrated. Keep typing in the correct way. You will get speed
By andrewhope - posted: 6 months ago

For me personally it was memorising the layout of the keyboard in my head. Then using a touch typing program (the one I used was called Mavis Beacon) and then participated in the typing game.

I didn't focus on accuracy all I focussed on was remembering where the letters are on the keyboard when typing.

Close your eyes even if you're only memorising 3 or 4 keys at a time, and then try and type the words. Don't worry about spelling mistakes or wrong keys. Just get the pattern in your head

Once you get the pattern in your head, start working on accuracy.

The speed will eventually follow.

I've used computers all my life. I used to type probably 20 wpm, after I did the above I got to 45, then over the years as my muslce memory has improved I get faster and faster.

My "normal" typing seed now is around 85-95wpm, it actually feels comfortable typing that speed all day long to me

Don't give up :)
By duszeks - posted: 5 months ago

When I was 8 years old, I already could type 20-25 WPM. But now, when I'm 16, I can type 70 WPM on my phone and around 65 WPM touch typing. I didn't had to learn how to touch type. I just hunt-and-pecked for ages and when I tried touch typing, I was surprised! I could type without looking with all my fingers! What;s even more weird, I could touch type using also only two fingers.

I don't know if it will work for you, but do you have a cell phone with QWERTY keyboard? That might be a good start. I just hunt-and-pecked the left half of the keyboard with left index finger and right half of the keyboard with right index finger. This way you also can get muscle memory and get really fast typing on the keyboard.

Keep in mind that I might be an exception, but it is easiest way to learn touch typing.
By ze_or - posted: 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Touch typing with 2 fingers is not touch typing btw.
When I was 8 years old I barely ever touched a computer, Now I am 16(almost 17) and I can type average 120 wpm according to this website. So I won't consider that a large improvement.

Now for my advice towards the original poster, I definitely recommend memorizing the keyboard by finger. So for example the E key would be the top row for left middle finger. You should be able to name the finger used for every letter, and the position of the key relative to the home row position of that said finger.
If done right, you should be able to use a keyboard like the ergodox for example, without much adjusting or getting used to at all.

I used to be a QWERTY typer that averaged 80wpm, then I swapped to Dvorak which gave me an opportunity to relearn the layout correctly. As I said I average 120 now. I don't suggest most to learn Dvorak as that is more effort than most people care to put, but I do suggest relearning the layout correctly.
By duszeks - posted: 4 months, 4 weeks ago

First, I'm able to touch type with all ten fingers. I can type without looking using just two fingers as well.

Second, anything over 100 WPM is not very good. It's excellent.

Anyway, how long it took you to learn DVORAK? I read at one source that DVORAK is comfortable, more convenient and all, but it's hellishly hard to learn, as writer achieved only 11 WPM after 3 months of practice. Is this true?
By ze_or - posted: 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Not doubting you skill on touch typing. just stating that "touch typing on 2 fingers" is not possible as the definition of touch typing is using all fingers without looking. So how you restated as "type without looking using 2 finger" would be correct.

I definitely didn't find Dvorak as hard. I started learning in middle school, and maybe took a week to be comfortable at knowing the layout. Then it was just using it more to practice.

Old post on my reddit shows that I was at around 50 wpm in week 7. And I was probably using it as my primary layout at that point. I don't remember exactly but I would assume by half a year I would've been near or past my qwerty average.

I would assume depending on the age of that person, or how long they have been using qwerty, the results can very a lot. So I believe that writer only getting 11 wpm after 3 month is true too.

I would say if anyone is considering learning Dvorak, earlier is better.
By kheng - posted: 4 months, 4 weeks ago

stucking at 70 - 90WPM with qwerty layout... T.T
By jhmorgan87 - posted: 4 months, 3 weeks ago

I have never been a fast typer, probably because I don't really type very much, so I just decided last week to learn a new layout. I chose Colemak over Dvorak based on the statistics that I saw and because I use a lot of 1 hand shortcuts. After just 1 week using The Typing Cat, I am typing over 20 WPM compared to 45 WPM from almost 20 years of QWERTY.
By ikasu - posted: 4 months ago

There aren't usually any physical limitations that prevent people from achieving 60, even 100 wpm. There's no keyboard advice etc. If you start reading more and extremely varied types of text, especially on the computer, you will start to type faster. Twitter is a great source because it exposes you to many different writing styles. Read news articles. Play games.
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By gkaz - posted: 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Well, I think you get speed anxiety so you make a lot of errors. Also you might find it hard to focus to texts on screen.

I am not that good at touch typing myself to provide a proved and solid way to train yourself but this method helped me a lot although I don't train myself that much.

My advice is to close your eyes and type your thoughts on your favorite editor (eg. Word, google docs etc). Try typing a short story, an essay or even some jokes out of memory. Have a look on your Screen every 1-2 sentences to see your mistakes. Focus on writing and don't fix your mistakes. Let them be and move on. While doing this concentrate your thoughts on your fingers and feel them. Feel their position, feel their movement and feel their tiredness.

This method combines a lot of stuff already mentioned above like memorizing the layout and preventing yourself from looking. The key features that might help you is that you are not destructed from other stuff while typing and that you have a clear text in your mind so you don't have to hunt down words on screen. Also, the language will feel more natural to you since they will be your words and style.

Focus on accuracy, not speed. Focus on being comfortable and effective. When your fingers start feeling confident of their position and target, they will speed up on their own. Don't force your fingers to speedup.

Come back here for a challenge and monitor your progress. Keep in mind that typing on tests is quite different than typing on your own.
By arjunyadav - posted: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

First you should Practice letters on typing master, when you reached 30WPM speed and accuracy about 93 than you should practice on keyhero.com.
By user78291 - posted: 3 months, 1 week ago

Try the following website: www.typing.com

Make a profile and do the lessons.

It's soo easy to pick up speed using these lessons, because you focus on keys in different stages.