I need typing tips

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Hello I currently type about 46-50 WPM with 94 percent accuary and when I type my main mistake is either typing a letter before i am supposed to type it or after
By suikacider - posted: 2 weeks, 2 days ago

You shouldn't be typing at a constant / consistent speed. When you're at a section that's easy to type, speed up. When you're at a section that's a bit more tricky, slow down.

Different words fall under our fingers differently; sometimes the process of moving from one key to the next is very smooth, sometimes your fingers get in the way of each other.

As you type more you'll get a better feel for what is and isn't easy to type, and you'll gradually adjust your fingerings to make some difficult sections easier, letting you type at closer to max-speed for longer amounts of time, and thus increasing your wpm.
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By pleasetypeme - posted: 1 week ago

Muscle memory is lowkey nice. Just practice on other websites too, or maybe record your progress to see how far you go to get more motivated.