Interesting error - voiced stop consonant instead of voiceless stop, and vice versa

By those_who_squirm - updated: 2 weeks ago - 2 messages

I've noticed I get an occasional error that seems to be based on the phonological difference between p and b, or g and k. So if the word in the copy is supposed to be 'portion', I type 'bortion' instead.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, do you know of any exercises to help me stop doing it?
By camberden - posted: 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Hi there. Are you a native English speaker?
It seems you may be reading ahead, and your personal speech style would be translating into how you spell unconsciously. Maybe the words that precede your problem words end with a voiced consonant, and so the voiced-ness too may carry over as a liaison.

I've experienced this in a different way with the fricatives /s/ and /z/ when typing passages that including British/Canadian spellings. When I see words like "realise" or "organisation," I often aid myself by muttering the word to myself with the de-voicing to get through.
By whatevertwice - posted: 2 weeks ago

I have never experienced this either. I think like the previous user said, it might be to do with your pronounciation unconsciously slipping into your typing. You can try to stop it by using the instant death game thingy (if you have great accuracy that is) so whenever you type in p in place of b or vice versa, or g in place of k and vice versa the game will instantly end. Hopefully from that you may start to restrict yourself from switching the letters.