Invite to KeyHero for Feb 2 Esport Typing Tournament

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Hello to our friends at Keyhero

**UPDATE 2/1: Das Keyboards will commit 10 keyboards into our prize pool! 5 will go to the audience!**

I am P. Phan of the Typing Esport Network featuring Sean Wrona. We represent the esport triangle of FastFingers, Typeracer, and Nitrotype and YOU. We are inviting all of Keyhero to watch the first sponsored Typing Esport tournament called the Clicking Championship Feb 2. Over 100 participants were accepted. In other words, we esports now.
Stream viewers are included in a drawing for ONE free X-bows mechanical ergonomic keyboard! Also,ONE $65 gift certificate to, and ONE Typeracer Premium 12-month!

Mods/admin of Keyhero are immediate partners and all of you are welcome on our discord. We will consider your keyhero scores in our Player Esport Ranking system! You can jump into chat with our network of the best in the world and representatives of other typing sites live right now.

This tournament will be streamed live by Nico Borst ( ) Sponsors include X-bows, KBDFans, Keebio, Spacecat designs, and more. Prize pool is ~$1000. For more info, visit

Thank you,
P. Phan
By imstaken - posted: 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Great idea, but the thing that sets typing games apart from most other games is that it is purely skill based. No luck is involved in it, so there is literally no chance that a slower typer can beat someone faster. Wouldn't it be pointless for people with sub 200 wpm typing speed to enter in the tournament?
By user383382 - posted: 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Thanks for replying and you raise a HUGE point of discussion within our network. Our goal is to establish an esport for all typists. For that reason, I am inviting all minds to put our heads together to establishe mixed-games and some strategy, luck, and team-based play.

Along the way, we are developing an esport rating system so that certain games can only consist of players who have a reasonable chance of defeating each other across a variety of typing games. Moreover, our staff are figuring out ways to make typing fun to watch (to grow a possible cult fanbase) - so I invite you to at least watch and let us know what you think.

If you join our discord, you will notice we have a player esport rating system and achievements that recognize various facets of your typing skill. So, if you come in from Keyhero or Nitrotype your achievements are roughly balanced against those from other typing sites. That's just a start for the movement.

You are generally correct in a tournament like the Clicking Championship, but upsets can and do occur. Several things I have addressed are prize alotments up to 7th place, PLUS keyboards and rewards for the audience. The overall goal here is to engage as many people as possible in our first event.

So once again, everybody is invited to join the esport movement and post ideas/feedback. We have the greatest typists in the world alongside the upcoming typists and together we can figure something out for our sport.
By imstaken - posted: 5 months, 2 weeks ago

I'll definitely be watching! I just have one more thought about the rating system that you mentioned. How do you guys plan on stopping advanced players from making new accounts and intentionally typing slower to get into beginner/intermediate level competitions?
By user383382 - posted: 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Great question. We will use a combination of expert review, community review, and hard data. We are also considering holding live local tournaments only, or stream-only types of tournaments.

This is only the first attempt we are making to rejuvenate interest in the culture of typing. We are aware that it will not be perfect. We will need to rely on the community as a whole to watch out for and monitor any potential sandbaggers/cheaters.

For this tournament, we screened the applicants and had multiple experts review and replay races to consider seed and ranking. For future tournaments, we need people putting their collective ideas together to create better systems and competitions for all typists.

For now, we just want to get some excitement and hype generated for typing once again.