Legit Fastest Typer

By applesonlsd - updated: 4 weeks, 1 day ago - 5 messages

Who is actually the fastest typer on this site besides all of the bots? I've gotten tired of scrolling through many pages of bots on end. I'd like to know.
By user37933 - posted: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Probably someone who doesn't use the site at all like Sean Wrona. This site has a cap at 200 wpm which deters extremely high speed typists since their scores are not saved. You can watch them type on typeracer/youtube.
By ze_or - posted: 1 month, 1 week ago

Sean Wrona is considered the fastest typer by many.
By hunterz1200 - posted: 1 month ago

I have absolutely zero idea. It'd be nice if the website was cleaned up so I could see just how far I have to go to get to the top, but until then we'll never know. There seems to be a ton of people getting quite high scores, though as for how they stack up on the leaderboard? No clue.

By ze_or - posted: 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Not to say this site is bad but this site is REALLY not a good way to judge the fastest typist. Sean Wrona, who's considered as many by one of the fastest typist has 38 games played on this site which is barely anything.

As a general reference, Sean Wrona averages around 175 on other sites, so it's safe to say someone can be legit at that speed.

You can actually get significantly faster than that by using stenotype, but stenotype is technically not a form of typing so it is generally not considered in the discussion for the fastest typist. BUT people can use stenotype on typing websites so 200+ average doesn't necessarily mean it is cheating.
By hunterz1200 - posted: 4 weeks, 1 day ago

I'm quite familiar with Sean Wrona. I'm aware someone can be legit that speed, but what I'm concerned with are the accounts with a perfect 200WPM average, or something along those lines. Accounts with a perfect average either have 1 game or are cheating. You cannot do something like that when there's 2 decimal places behind each score.

Stenotype machines aren't cheating, but for stenotype tests. If you get a high WPM average on a stenotype machine, that doesn't mean you're a fast typist. That means you're a fast stenotypist. The point of typing quickly on a keyboard in a typing test is that other people are using something similar, and a stenotype machine is giving you a leg up.

In all, I do agree that this website is not the best for figuring out who's the fastest typist, but that's not what I'm asking or what appleson is. We're wondering who is the fastest on THIS website, and people have certainly gotten faster WPM than Sean Wrona on it.

Nevertheless, I think it all comes down to a need for "cleanup" in removing all of those bot accounts. I'm considered rank 827 on this website, and it's a shame that this rank doesn't really mean anything when a large amount of people ranked higher are bots.

That's just what I think, anyway.
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