Should I be looking at what I am typing or what I should be typing?

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Had a query and was wondering if someone could shed some light on it. Should I be looking at the words that I should be typing in a quote, or should I briefly glance at the words, memorizing 2-3 and then look at the text box where they are being typed?

Obviously glancing back and forth between the text and what is being typed would slow down my speed and probably my accuracy but I feel that whenever I will be typing in the "real world" more typing situations would exist where I look at what is being typed rather than what should be typed.

Now in terms of speed its definitely better to look at what should be typed (at least for me) but what about practical typing, should I consider changing my technique so that my typing speed in a general environment is faster?
By sammich - posted: 2 weeks, 1 day ago

If you're doing the typing practice on this website, you should definitely focus more on what you should be typing next with some checking glances at what you're currently typing. When you build up your accuracy, your speed eventually increases. Additionally, when you build up your accuracy and your typing posture, you can usually tell when you've hit the wrong key or made a typo/error of some sort.

I'm not sure what you mean about real world typing or practical typing, but you should be focusing on what you're currently typing as it normally means that the words are coming from your brain. If it's something that you're copying or transcribing, then you should work up to the ability to look at what you should be typing and then regularly check that what you've typed is correct. Hope that helps!