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Have you ever been at school, only to find that the keyboard is wierd? For example a more expanded keyboard? This is a problem that I face, do you guys have any tips?
By roxiun - posted: 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Yea I have fpund that achpol keybpards are wierd they always dp thinga like what rep[lace ing a with sn s. SAme wish caps and ectrea letters
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Yea, School Keyboards are just weird, they're mushy, dirty, and sometimes the layout is different than the one you use at home, and they are not allowing you to bring your own keyboard to school:(
By endvisible - posted: 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Most keyboards can be cleaned by popping off the keys (using a prying motion; this won't break the keyboard as they have a pop-in and lock system). If you don't have a can of compressed air, you can use a cotton swab or a clean napkin. However, this is a school keyboard and you may have to ask for permission to do so (you will be denied permission, of course, because this looks like vandalism).
If you choose to do it and try to not get caught, just do it one key at a time (which is how keyboards get their layout messed up — kids messing it up).
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Cool, thanks for the tips, although i know that I cannot do that to our keyboards
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What is with this random advertising? I just do not understand!
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When I learned to type, I learned on the old model M keyboards which are still amazing if you can find one. Actually the teacher took some construction paper and covered the keys so we typed on the paper. That wasn't easy, but I did it as well as anyone else in the class. Either way, I think that most keyboards are standardized based on the old 101 key layout. I think that the only thing that really changes is how big the backspace key is, how big the enter key is, and the function keys at the bottom.
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Weird Keyboards held standard for layout and design is based on 101 key. it is a world greatest keywords. if you need more information about windows so click https://www.error...
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Bring your own keyboard and use it, seems idiotic I think yes.
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