What happened?

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You have been hired to investigate the mysterious murder of Mr Xavier, a man well known for his immense wealth and his reclusive nature. He is an easily startled man. He was also filled with paranoia and would fire his servants frequently in fear that they were plotting against him. He would also eat the same dinner: two steaks cooked medium rare, and two sour cream potatoes. He had dismissed his servants early that night. There was a terrible storm during the time of the murder.At the scene, you find glass on the carpet, you also find a knife under the table with blood, a steak that has been bitten, a tipped over a chair, and the body of Mr Xavier. You see laceration wounds on his body. What happened to Mr Xavier?
By davidd - posted: 6 months ago

Here's my guess: Thunder startled Dr. Xavier and he choked on his steak. He accidentally cut himself while struggling unsuccessfully to clear his airway.
By anthonyhtyper - posted: 6 months ago

Nice theory, I have never heard that one before.
By user55870 - posted: 6 months ago

He had a heart failure due to the thunder startling him, while he was eating his steak, he was holding his knife and somehow cut himself when he was startled.
By anthonyhtyper - posted: 6 months ago

I have also never heard that one before, but I like it. However, there are a few flaws in your theory, the text said that he had laceration WOUNDS not just one wound. Also, why would the window be broken and why would there be glass on the floor?
By rollercoaster - posted: 6 months ago

My guess is that the wind from the storm knocked down a tree branch and the tree branch broke off and smashed the window. The window was right next to Mr Xavier. As he was eating his dinner, the tree branch crashed and he got startled and accidentally stabbed himself. Then, his hand started twitching and he kept stabbing himself. He was dead the next morning.
By peace - posted: 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Intriguing case anthonyhtyper. Well done! As for my investigative conclusion for the murder, I can not define. What I can say though is the 3 responses preceding mine are very creative and probably very viable possibilities. Just knew about this site today. So yes I'm new and hope to have a great time with you guys :).
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By anthonyhtyper - posted: 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Well, welcome to the website, thank you for the compliment, yes, I have been getting some great answers. I hope that you can think of a response to the case soon because I would like to hear from everyone.
By peace - posted: 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Warm welcome appreciated. I somewhat feel the details supplied are not sufficient for a conclusive statement.

Notwithstanding, my presumption lies in that the servants connived against Mr Xavier.

I think the chef poisoned Mr Xavier. Upon seeing the the glass on the carpet, I would suspect that, one of the servants broke through the window. The servants stabbed Mr Xavier just as a pretext that he had been attacked rather than poisoned.

Hence, this implies that the servants are answerable for the murder of Mr Xavier.
By enyaloth - posted: 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Being paranoid is a decoy to make us suspect a servant, but I don't think it means anything.

While "technically" the red juice from a steak isn't blood, it's generally called blood (or a bloody steak). Who says the blood was Xavier's? If he cut into a medium-rare (red) steak, there would have been "steak blood" on the knife. The only wounds from his body then were probably glass from the window, which was smashed during the storm.
By stellaluna8445 - posted: 3 months, 1 week ago

I ain't see anything posted about a busted window!!!
By smooshedpeach - posted: 3 months, 1 week ago

He could have started eating his steak, but then a man, jealous of Xavier's immense wealth and power (because when you have wealth, you get power), could have broken into the window or let in by the servants and killed him with a knife. There could have been a slight fight, causing the tipped over chair. Or maybe a servant killed him because they, also like the man, were jealous and tired of being frazzled over the idea of getting fired so quickly.
By egfrancis1 - posted: 3 months ago

He ate one bite from his steak, one of his servants was mad that he/she got dismissed a few days ago so he jumped through the window with the knife, and you know what happened after that....
By vhinvhin19 - posted: 3 months ago

My theory-- maybe Mr. Xavier was eating that time when the storm came so he was startled at the beginning of thunderstorm and maybe the strong wind broke the window glass and to his panic he went under his table along with his food and other utensils and while under the table the servant see a chance to take him out without dirtying their own hands. they maybe use the chair to push or anything to put Mr. Xavier body straight to his knife resulting in laceration and could indicate that no one stab him because in an investigation in could result in harming your own self. thank you...