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The reading and the lecture are both about
The author of the reading feels that
The lecturer challenges the claims made by the author.
He is of the opinion that
The Body Paragraphs
Use the following templates for the body paragraphs:
To begin with, the author argues that
The article mentions that
This specific argument is challenged by the lecturer.
He claims
Additionally, he says
-the author in the reading proposes that
The author bases this claim the evidence of
Secondly, the writer suggests
In the article, it is said that
The lecturer, however, rebuts this by pointing out that
He elaborates on this by bringing up the point that
-Finally, the author posits that
moreover, it is stated in the article that
In contrast, the lecturer believes that
He notes that _____.
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In writing, composing style is the way of communicating thought in language normal for an individual, period, school, or nation.[1] As Bryan Ray notes, in any case, style is a more extensive concern, one that can portray "perusers' associations with, writings, the syntactic decisions scholars make, the significance of holding fast to standards in specific settings and veering https://www.assig... off from them in others, the declaration of social character, and the passionate impacts of specific gadgets on audiences.Thus, style is a term that may allude, at one and a similar time, to solitary parts of a person's composition propensities or a specific archive and to perspectives that go well-past the individual author
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