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user241035 9 months ago
ok i'm not feeling to much today.
twofingertyper 9 months, 3 weeks ago
Also, the two fingers you use need to be very quick. I wouldn't focus purely on speed from where you are now because it's important to get a better mental map of the keyboard so you have some semblance of accuracy. However, once you can touch type with two fingers decently well, you need to work on moving your fingers very quickly and accurately to where you want. This may very well be the most difficult part of the technique, and even I make a pretty sizable amount of mistakes because I move my finger too far or not far enough because I'm trying to go quickly while moving it across half the keyboard.

Just like the other, it's all experience. I really wouldn't recommend my style of typing because it's far, far more work for worse results than a traditional method. If you can make it work, though, it looks pretty cool and is a decent party trick as well as being practical. Good luck.
twofingertyper 9 months, 3 weeks ago
You want to type fast with two fingers? The main thing you need is the ability to touch type extremely effectively.

Your mental map of the keys has to be impeccable. The only way to go fast, especially with two fingers, is to touch type. Touch typing is far more difficult with two fingers because neither finger has a clear, established "range," as you'd see with eight finger typing where each finger is used for specific keys.

As such, both of your fingers will have to roam free and cover keys both on the left and right side of the keyboard depending on what word you are typing. To be able to pull this off quickly without making an extreme level of mistakes, your mental map of the keys has to be really firm and you have to be used to working with only two fingers. I don't really have any advice for learning that; for me, it was just a matter of experience to get better.

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