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jakeheez 1 week ago
What do you think is the fastest typing speed someone could achieve naturally through just a qwerty keyboard? I have an average of about 102 WPM on my qwerty keyboard, and was wondering what feasible number you think I could get to by using a standard keyboard?
haarp_wi2xfx 2 months ago
I just have one question for you: why do you have so many accounts?? o.O
user263163 2 months ago
Nice 88 wpm on Hitch
user263163 2 months ago
Nice 88 wpm on Hitch
brawlhallahattori 2 months ago
how do you type so fast
gelbut_xx_satan 2 months, 2 weeks ago
ahmed8113/user788683 -- Post all your questions in this thread. Thanks!
ahmed8113 3 months ago
Hai brother I am Ahmed Nadeem working in Zarai Taraqiati Bank limited. how could i improve my typing speed at least for 40WPM give me some tips for improving my skills and sir really like your skills specially typing speed and accuracy and off course like you so please in need some tips about typing skills
user788683 3 months ago
Hai brother I am vijayakumar studying in loyola college Madras.Can you send your mail Id to my mail id. MY mail id is I have many question , I think you could understant I you like to share my question send to the above mail thanking you .
gelb_helloworld 3 months, 3 weeks ago
use piano keyboard to type faster than 200 WPM. chording is better for your wrists. you're less likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome
gelbut_ravisher 3 months, 3 weeks ago
Have you ever heard of "vowel compressibility" a.k.a. disemvoweling? It's possible to drop all vowels while still being able to figure out original decompressed word. Ex: irrelevance -> irrlvnce ... you'd still have to type first and last character. Certain suffixes and prefixes can be stored in piano memory. Ex: length("IRRLVNCE") = 8 < 10 fingers => 2 chords [1 typing maneuver] over 2 octaves

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