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bababooey 6 days, 5 hours ago
what the f*** is this thread?? i saw your comment telling someone they weren't quirky for connecting to quotes and ended up here lmaoo 1 week ago
And you can stop with acting all smart and being a know-it-all. English is my second language so it may seem like I'm a random normie, but I'm well aware of who you are as a highly immature person who thinks the only sense of accomplishment is to abuse the lack of physical confrontation of this website. So go ahead, reply to my comment the best way you can just to show how much of a waste of life you are. 1 week ago
I like how when someone criticises your quote, you become so defensive and reply to all of them while you're off abusing the internet knowing that there are no real confrontations and mocking everyone's writing. I really did not think this website had many problems other than the hackers but you have single-handedly spread your toxicity everywhere. If this website had a clear reporting system you wouldn't last a day.
kiriiya 1 week, 4 days ago
That's a very sound argument you have there--not a childish outburst at all. Go reflect on the lack of logic in your statement, little man. Maybe then your tears will cease to fool you into thinking everyone around you is a blurry, amorphous blob.
sheridesgsxr750 1 week, 6 days ago
What the f*** what? Its quite sad when someone has to constantly be putting other down to feel better about themselves. I feel sorry for you. Because you must have an even shittier life than mine.
kiriiya 1 month ago
Did you just denounce your own comment? You're dismissed clown, thanks for the laugh. 1 month ago
Wow can't believe you still fill this website with your toxic and hateful personality. Idk what life has done to you but I don't think regurgitating all of the hostility inside you in a typing website would benefit you in any way. I mean you're not even really getting better at typing by the looks of it and I always see your comments in so many quotes. Maybe try conducting yourself in a more appropriate manner so that if you have a helpful suggestion, you wouldn't attack someone's personality. At the end of the day I know if you were confronted in real life you would obviously act differently (and don't even try to deny that).
kiriiya 1 month, 1 week ago
Your quote qualifies as an effort to ruin my day. You're dismissed.
bcurty32 1 month, 1 week ago
Perhaps I have a scat fetish, but at least I do not go out of my way to ruin the day of strangers on the internet, unless of course, they have made the effort to ruin mine first.
kiriiya 1 month, 1 week ago
That seems like a whole lot of projection. Unfortunately for you, I won't entertain your scat fetish.

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