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janisl1993 3 months, 2 weeks ago
Also you can try to do some typing lessons on this site. They will help you train your muscle memory. That helped me a lot. And again - don't rush. Try to get every character right. I used to visualise the whole layout in my mind and locate the character I need.

Also you did not do a lot of tests. Just a bit over a 100 through this time. You need to practice more. I've done 400+ over 2 and a half months and also many typing lessons and many instant death tests (those don't go in to your score).

Concentrate on accuracy and practice. A lot of practice and you will get better eventually. Don't give up.
janisl1993 3 months, 2 weeks ago
I just want to know if you are touch typing? Are you looking at the keyboard? My speed improved significantly when I started to use correct typing technique. You can see at my profile how my progress is consistent and linear. When I started practice here I wasn't touch typing and my speed was about 20 to 25 WPM and was not improving. Every time I tried to type faster I just made more mistakes. Then I learned about touch typing. At first my WPM dropped to about 10-15 but I started remembering where the keys are.

I can see that your accuracy is quite low and inconsistent. It is the main thing that will build your speed. If you accuracy is low then your speed will be low. Don't rush. Learn the keyboard first. Let your fingers remember where the keys are and don't worry about WPM. Try to get very accurate and your speed will naturally increase. Focus on where the keys are while typing.
malikwaqar 3 months, 2 weeks ago
I want to make my typing speed above at least 40 wpm, I have been practicing on the key hero for 1.5 years but only gets 42wpms once. Actually, my problem is whenever I punch a key my finger hits in a middle of two keys. That's why it makes a lot of errors, that affects my accuracy and speed. I Became mentally tired and can't pursue this anymore. I use multiple software to improve my typing but at last al results are same. I'm so much heartbroken. Please help me with the best advice for my typing.
Thanks.... :(
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