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collins420 3 minutes ago
And clearly you can't read her name is spelt Katy not katie
mrscollins0420 6 minutes ago
Ok bye bye now like your not doing the same? I am not dumb i know who you are! Its ok bye now
notaretard 12 minutes ago
In reference to you speaking to your husband
notaretard 13 minutes ago
Note that this has been reported by a few people and is being looked in. Be ready for that lucky trip to HR. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to say fellow associates and your children’s name on a secured server connection. Notice how easy it is to type important confidential information into this site? Good luck, you gonna need it.
notaretard 13 minutes ago
You are a f***ing idiot for doing this. Basically using social media at a secure and extremely confidential business. Even more you have your name on your profile “Katie Collins”.
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