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rayclaire 1 month ago
What really helped me improve my typing speed is...becoming Akane-chan and listening to whatever you say. However that doesn't mean I will agree with it. If worse comes to worse, well, やめたら?このゲーム
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Call me ray or Claire. They/them and he/him.

I blast through paragraphs on some fancy split keyboard while I listen to ambient music, game OSTs, and Asian pop. I threw $330 at an Ergodox EZ because I'm not badass enough to build my own 'dox. The first rule of perfect accuracy club is you do not think about perfect accuracy.

Keyboard: Ergodox EZ Shine with tenting kit and Kailh Speed Copper switches (https://imgur.com/a/iYcpG6J)
* Layout: Self-created layout "Claire" https://configure.ergodox-ez.com/ergodox-ez/layouts/OabR3/latest

Playlists for your typing pleasure:
* https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7xRUMAcUbryJdvwYE1wxrM?si=4eMRR7dVRS6izX679qLbzw
* https://8tracks.com/ray-claire/2-am-chill

Twitter: @rayclaire_
Instagram: @rayclarity
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Keyboard / Laptop Ergodox EZ
Keyboard mapping QWERTY
Computer usage 8-12 hours / day
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