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themortallywounded 9 years, 11 months ago
My fingers never hurt from typing too much. The problem with modern technology is that while our hands are much better off than they were on the old manual Smith Coronas (especially considering the curved keyboard options to choose from) our eyes and brains are being melted by bright screens with artificial backlighting, pixelated text, and poor color choices. The generations of typists who precede us are all coming down with arthritis while we are unable to even spell a single word if there isn't a red line that automatically underlines our mistakes. When my hands start to hurt, it isn't because I've been typing too much; it's because I've been scratching my head wondering why the heck I can't even remember my parents' birthdays.
themortallywounded 9 years, 11 months ago
Read ahead and watch your typing on the screen. Follow what you are actually typing, not what the follower shows you. As long as the quotes are well written and have no crazy punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors, you only need to know what the words are and how YOU are typing them. Watching the follower will get you into trouble, because you will wonder where the error occurred and you will grind almost to a halt. Read ahead to a point you feel comfortable with and don't try to read everything at once. Just a few words, 3-5 at the most, so that you will know exactly where to pick up again as you glance back and forth.
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