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guppycherel 5 years, 11 months ago
Hello Miss Calantha: are literally half a world away; pardon me for not answering in a timely manner, life here has been 'different', family stuff and so on. I am surprized you find my profile of any significance, although, as a teacher/tutor, I enjoy meeting people from everywhere. I see you have joined although no typing games. I hope this note finds you well, happy, and having fun living life. Sincerely, Cheryl
user46519 6 years ago

how is the environment over there. My warmest greetings to you, My name is miss Calantha I am 24 years old female single;it is my pleasure with due respect to cultivate a healthy friendship with you since i was impressed with your profile.I will like to know more about you, contact me back at( that I will give you full explanation about myself, and reasons and purpose I have contacted you including more of my pictures.I'm sorry if i am embarrassing you,
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