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Muhammad Sufiyan
Such a bunch of nonsense. Have you ever heard of depression or high hedonic set ...

Kimi no na wa
Kimi no Na wa is such a masterpiece of a movie.

While not a very interesting quote, I thank you for giving me somewhat of a ...

Gold D. Roger
That's correct, the correct name is Gol D. Roger

Michael Scott
The world exists for the good of mankind, so it's true that people will never ...



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[Pendiente] Sailendra Kumar Sahoo - Never Give up
There will be time in life, when you feel down, depressed. Everything around you starts to make no sense. Every attempt of you will yield no result or failure. People will start teasing you for your failures. You start to feel like you're a burden on yourself and the society. You feel that there is no where to go !!! But that is not the end of the story. Let me remind you that these times are part and parcel of life. We can't avoid the bad days. If we've the right attitude, it can be better.

[Pendiente] Osho(Shree Rajneesh) - Parenting
A child is trying to climb a tree; what will you do? You immediately become afraid - he may fall, he may break his leg, or something may go wrong. And out of your fear you rush and you stop the child. If you had known what joy it is to climb a tree, you would have helped so that the child could learn how to climb trees! And if you are afraid, help him, go and teach him. You also climb with him! Help him learn so he doesn't fall. Your fear is good - it shows love, that the child may fall, but to.

[Pendiente] Mario Puzo - The GodFather
With its brilliant and brutal protrayal of the Corleone family, The Godfather instantly burned its way into our national consciousness - and became one of the bestselling books in publishing history. Now this unforgetable saga of crime and corruption, passion and loyalty continues to stand the test of time, as the definitive novel of the Mafia underworld.

robert greene - the 48 laws of power
When people lose the connection between their actions and their consequences, they lose their hold on reality, and the further this goes the more it looks like madness.

naval - how to get rich without getting lucky
Seek wealth, not money or status. Wealth is having assets that earn while you sleep. Money is how we transfer time and wealth. Status is your place in the social hierarchy.

Frantz Fanon - The Wretched of the Earth
Latin America, China, and Africa. From all these continents, under whose eyes Europe today raises up her tower of opulence, there has flowed out for centuries toward that same Europe diamonds and oil, silk and cotton, wood and exotic products. Europe is literally the creation of the Third World. The wealth which smothers her is that which was stolen from the underdeveloped peoples.

charles from - infatuation - the first stage of love
The first stage of love is infatuation. This is the stuff of romantic novels, Hollywood movies and celebrity gossip. Infatuation is intense, with a passionate buzz, but all good things come to an end, and so it is with the buzz of infatuation.

Serhii Cho - She called me
I was boiling milk when she called me. First couple seconds I was wondering, who can it be. It was her. She always need someone to tell endless stories about herself.

Dr. Georgio Yakatura spent most of his childhood days traveling between his hometowns of Yakima, Washington and Genoa. He is the son of Carlo and Himari Yakatura. Unfortunately, he recently passed away on May 5th, 2018 leaving a legacy of many budding students.

Colleen Hoover - Perfect Marriage
Our marriage hasn't been perfect. NO marriage is perfect. There were times when she gave up on us. There were even more times when I gave up on us. The secret to our longevity is that we never gave up at the same time.

Colleen Hoover - Flaws
We're all full of flaws, hundreds of them. They're like tiny holes all over our skin. And like your fortune said, sometimes we shine too much light on our own flaws. There are some people who try to ignore their own flaws by shining light on other peoples to the point that the other persons flaws become their only focus. They pick at them, little by little until they rip wide open and that's all we become to them. One giant, gaping flaw.

Toto (Band) - Africa - Verse 1
I hear the drums echoing tonight, but she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation. She's coming in, twelve-thirty flight, her moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation. I stopped an old man along the way, hoping to find some old forgotten words or ancient melodies. He turned to me as if to say, "Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you!"

Marie Lu - Emika Chen in Warcross
Tremaine offers me his hand, and after a while, I take it, letting him help me up. Then we continue to stand there, unmoving, looking out at the electric glitter of Tokyo, my boots pointed away from the house and toward the city, my heart suspended somewhere between one choice and another, unsure where to go next.

Billy Joel - Vienna
You've got your passion, you've got your pride, but don't know that that only fools are satisfied? Dream on, but don't imagine they'll all come true. When will you realize Vienna waits for you?

Neil Gaiman - Norse Mythology
Loki," he said. "Loki has done this." "Why do you say that?" said Sif, touching her bald head frantically, as if the fluttering touch of her fingers would make her hair return. "Because,"said Thor, "when something goes wrong, the first thing I always think is, it is Loki's fault. It saves a lot of time.

Hans Moravec
Our speculation ends in a superscivilization, the synthesis of all solar-system life, constantly improving and extending itself, spreading outward from the sun, converting nolife into mind.

Irving Good
The first ultraintelligent maching is the last invention that man ever need to make, provided that the machine is docile enough to tell us how to keep it under control.

Alan Turing
If a machine can think, it might think more intelligently than we do, and then where should we be? Even if we could keep the machines in a subservient position... we should as a species feel very humbled.

Logan Smith - You Gon' Learn - Eminem ft. White Gold & Royce da 5'9"
Pray you see tomorrow little boy, you gon' learn All them pretty bitches leave yo' ass in the urn You ain't sold your last rock, you just better earn But I pray you see tomorrow little boy, you gon' learn Pray you see tomorrow little boy, you gon' learn All them pretty bitches leave yo' ass in the urn You ain't sold your last rock, you just better earn But I pray you see tomorrow little boy, you gon' learn.

Joseph Finder - Nicholas Wyatt
If instead, I'd used the money as a down payment on the Ferrari 360 Modena convertible, Nicholas Wyatt might have almost understood. He would have recognized my greed as evidence of our shared humanity, like a weakness for booze or "broads" as he called women.