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Messages 4 días, 12 horas atrás
Keep practicing and learning you'll get there within no time all it takes is confidence. I also used to make custom practice quotes at first just to get a good memory of certain words which really helped. 4 días, 12 horas atrás
Woah I see you're a man of commitment. I also started at like 40 WPM 2 years ago and practiced around 100-200 hours to get this speed. Still my actual average for every quote is like 127 but cough cough skip to easy ones amirite?
albertanders 1 semana, 4 días atrás
Been practicing less these past 2 weeks and just using tests as a warmup before typing things for work.

Consistently hitting upper 80s/low 90s during casual runs and almost never under 70 for even the most troubled runs under the worst conditions.
user546595 3 semanas, 4 días atrás
I love this advice!
albertanders 3 semanas, 5 días atrás
Consistent practice even at around 20 min a day, or a few passages to warm up before work does wonders.

I am now at 75-100 wpm - having the passage displayed in large letters is also very helpful. Correct ergonomics and a comfortable work station is also essential.

But most importantly of all just remain patient with yourself - as you practice the muscle memory quite literally melds into your typing and it becomes faster and more accurate with less effort.

It is also essential to practice mindfully and concentrate on what fingers are moving instead of just passively drifting.
albertanders 1 mes atrás
What really helped me improve my typing speed has been practicing consistently on the same mechanical keyboard. I use comfortable PBT keycaps with linear Gateron switches.

My typing speed has been around 50-60 wpm for years now and with a few hours of practice over the past 3 weeks has steadily climbed to around 75-90 wpm. I've actually noticed that I am much better while taking notes at work and electronically journaling.
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